The beauty of oriental women

All the women in the world love to feel good in their own skin and love to enhance their face through makeup

Makeup is the secret of a woman’s beauty.

Makeup is not a mask for the face, but is a creative art and an extension of the expression of the personality. Makeup has been around for ages.
Woman always loves to take care of herself and her beauty and focuses on cleansing the contours of her femininity using various methods. Meditation in the art of beauty over so many years means that women have been keenly interested in this since ancient times.

Queen Cleopatra beauty icon for oriental women and beyond

Queen Cleopatra is an example of beauty from her time until now, as she was the first to extract kohl from minerals and blush from red iron. Makeup is the most important way the woman uses to show its beauty by adorning it and is an effective way to extinguish facial blemishes such as pimples, discoloration and other facial problems where a long time ago the woman used kohl to increase the beauty of the eye and highlight its shape. Makeup is a material used to enhance and protect the appearance. Cosmetics are widely used in all countries of the world, including the Levant, the Gulf states, European and Indian countries, etc. We will talk about each country and the make-up that suits the woman in it.

You are the perfect shove because these pictures and make-up of Mkebe Artist have cooperated with us in the brand and they have been supporting people

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Written article With the collaboration of Nesrine skaff from Syria but she live in Kuwait

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